Would your Parliamentary Candidates stop funding climate change?

Earlier this month we contacted all but three* of the 32 Parliamentary candidates for Brighton, Hove and East Sussex with three simple questions about climate change and fossil fuels: would they support the Divest Parliament pledge; would they back the calls for East Sussex County Council to divest the East Sussex Pension Fund from fossil fuels; and would they support the phasing out of the UK’s subsidies to the fossil fuel industries (estimated at £10.5bn / year)?

No-responders were contacted a second time.

In total 11 candidates responded. All answered ‘yes’ to all three questions. They were:

Peter Chowney (Labour, Hastings), Nick Perry (Liberal Democrat, Hastings), Jonathan Kent (Green, Bexhill & Battle), Angie Smith (Labour, Wealden), Georgia Taylor (Green, Wealden), Johnny Denis (Green, Lewes), Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton Pavilion), Charlotte Sabel (Independent, Hove), Joe Miller (Conservative, Brighton Kemptown), Alexandra Phillips (Green, Brighton Kemptown), Oliver Sykes (Green, Hove).

No other responses were received.

If any of your candidates didn’t respond then please contact them and ask them how they stand on these three simple questions – a litmus test on whether they’re serious about taking action to try and stop the worst impacts of climate change.

You can do this by emailing or tweeting them the following message: ‘I am a resident of the constituency where you are standing. Could you please give me your answer to these three questions about climate change & fossil fuels: https://bit.ly/2QPFXX3’. You can can find a list of their names and contact details below.

There are also climate change hustings take place in:

– Eastbourne, 27 Nov: https://bit.ly/2KwpanS
– Forest Row, 27 Nov: https://bit.ly/2CXisDe
– Lewes, 2 Dec: https://bit.ly/34ojhRQ

As well as general hustings in:

– Bexhill, 27 Nov: Beulah Baptist Church, starts 6:30pm
– Hastings, 5 Dec: https://bit.ly/2KVME6h


Sally Ann-Hart, Conservative
Twitter: @sallyann1066

Paul Crosland, Independent
Twitter: @paulcrosland


Huw Merriman, Conservative
Email: huwmerriman4BB@gmail.com
Twitter: @HuwMerriman

Martin Saunders, Lib Dem
Email: martin.saunders@bexhillandbattlelibdems.org.uk

Michelle Buxton, Brexit Party
Email: michelle.buxton@thebrexitparty.org
Twitter: @Myperfect_place

Christine Bayliss, Labour Party
Email: Bayliss4bexhillandbattle@gmail.com
Twitter: @Bayliss4Rother


Chris Bowers, Lib Dem
Email: chrisbowers@wealdenlibdems.org.uk
Twitter: @chris1bowers

Nusrat Ghani, Conservative
Email: nus4wealden@gmail.com ‎
Twitter: @Nus_Ghani


Caroline Ansell, Conservative

Jake Lambert, Labour
Email: eastbournelabour@gmail.com
Twitter: @JakeyLambert

Miles Berkley, Green Party
Twitter: @Miles Berkley

Stephen Gander, Brexit Party
Twitter: @StephenGanderBP

Stephen Lloyd Liberal Democrats
Email: stephen@stephenlloyd.org.uk ‎
Twitter: @StephenLloydEBN

Ken PollocK, Independent
No contact details known


Kate Chappell, Labour
Email: info@leweslabour.org
Twitter: @ChappellKate

Maria Caulfield, Conservative
Email: maria@mariacaulfield.co.uk
Twitter: @mariacaulfield

Oli Henman, Lib Dem
Email: olihenman@leweslibdems.org.uk
Twitter: @OliHenman

Paul Cragg, Independent
No contact details known


Adam Imanpour, Labour
Email: adam.imanpour@brightonhovelabour.com
Twitter: @adamimanpour

Bob Dobbs, Independent
Twitter: @VDobbs2019

Nigel Furness UKIP
No contact details known

Emma Hogan, Conservative
Twitter: @DrEmmaHogan

Richard Milton, Brexit Party
Email: richard.milton@thebrexitparty.org
Twitter: @BrexitPavilion

Citizen Skwith, Monster Raving Loony Party
Twitter: @CitizenSkwith


Beatrice Bass, Lib Dem
Email: beatrice.bass@liberalbrighton.org
Twitter: @BeatriceLibDem

Dame Dixon, Monster Raving Loony Party
Email: evastev5@aol.com
Twitter: @dame_dixon1

Peter Kyle, Labour
Email: peterkylelabour@gmail.com
Twitter: @peterkyle

Angela Hancock, Brexit Party
Email: angela.hancock@thebrexitparty.org
Twitter: @BrexitAngie

Robert Nemeth, Conservative
Email: robert.nemeth@brighton-hove.gov.uk
Twitter: @robert_nemeth


Ben Thomas, Liberal Democrats
Email: ben.thomas@liberalbrighton.org
Twitter: @BenThomasLD

Graham Cushway, Brexit Party
Email: graham.cushway@thebrexitparty.org
Twitter: @CushwayDr

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour
Email: lloyd@russell-moyle.co.uk
Twitter: @lloyd_rm

* No contact details were available for Paul Cragg (Independent, Lewes), Nigel Furness (UKIP, Brighton Pavilion) and Ken Pollock (Independent, Eastbourne).

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