POSTPONED: 16 March: Sex Strike for the Climate!

IMPORTANT UPDATE (12 March): In the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have taken the decision to POSTPONE this action to a later date.

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) has declared a “climate emergency” but continues to invest £175m of local people’s pensions in the giant oil and gas companies that are driving our current climate crisis – companies like Exxon and BP.

From Liberia to the Philippines, sex strikes have helped to win campaigns for peace and justice. So on Monday 16 March (the date of the next East Sussex Pension Committee meeting) we will be issuing a public call for all people of goodwill to refrain from sex with members of the Council until the latter agree to stop funding climate change.

And to celebrate this we will be performing extracts from Oscar Wilde’s (alleged) translation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata – in which the women of ancient Greece use a sex strike to end the war between Athens and Sparta – outside County Hall.

Join us to be part of the chorus (no acting skills required!): 9 – 10am, Monday 16 March, outside County Hall in Lewes, St Anne’s Crescent, BN7 1NE.

Help spread the word on social media:

This action is part of a noviolent direct action campaign to compel ESCC to stop funding climate change. You can sign the pledge to take part in this campaign (whether in an arrestable or non-arrestable role) here:

Image: Emily Johns

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