#flattenthecurve: ‘it’s essential that we act in solidarity with the most vulnerable’

In the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have decided to POSTPONE the ‘Sex Strike for the Climate!’ action (which was to have taken place in Lewes next Monday, 16 March).

Postponing the Sex Strike and other public events would appear to be the right decision from a public health perspective. As Greta Thunberg says, ‘it’s essential that we act in solidarity with the most vulnerable and that we act in the best interest of our common society’. However, that doesn’t mean that the campaign to divest the East Sussex Pension Fund is going to be silent over the coming months!

As 350.org has noted, there are still lots of different forms of action that we can use to make our voices heard without coming together physically: from window posters, and virtual protests, to mass calls, texts and emails and social media barrages. The Climate Strikers are already doing this, and we will be experimenting with some of these forms of action in the coming weeks. Please watch this space!

Now might also be a good time to deepen your knowledge of both climate change and activism using tools like Michael Mann’s free online course on the science and global impact of climate change (sign-up here) or Daniel Hunter’s Climate Resistance Handbook (download it for free here).

So let’s ‘keep [our] numbers low but [our] spirits high and … take one week at the time’!

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