‘Councillor Fox: Don’t let ESCC’s fossil fuel chickens come home to roost!’ Join the mass Zoom protest and world record attempt on Sat 22 August!

Print out your chicken mask (see below) and come join the mass Zoom protest and ‘chicken-in’ at 11am on Saturday 22 August to tell East Sussex County Council it’s time to stop funding climate change!
Register now at: https://tinyurl.com/chickenprotest

For 40 minutes we will cluck around in the Zoom Henhouse, make music and learn a thing or two about divestment. A grand time will be had. A record number of chickens will roost in a Zoom Room. Mr Fox will be present!

* Gerard Fox, chair of the East Sussex Pension Committee
** ‘Most people to attend a Zoom protest wearing a chicken mask’.


East Sussex County Council (ESCC) currently has huge sums (£137.8m as at 31/03/2020) invested in fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), the main driver of the climate crisis. It makes these investments through the East Sussex Pension Fund (which also covers Brighton & Hove).

These ‘fossil fuel chickens’ are now coming home to roost:

Even before COVID-19 the fossil fuel system was being disrupted by the forces of cheaper renewable technologies and more aggressive government policies. But now the pandemic appears to have brought forward the point of peak demand for fossil fuels (possibly to 2019), revealing the overcapacity and fragility of the whole fossil fuel system, creating the prospect of big losses for investors like ESCC. In June BP and Shell announced that they would be writing-down up to $39.5bn of their oil and gas assets as they revised their long-term forecasts – moves that Fortune magazine described as ‘just the tip of the iceberg for fossil fuels’.

Massive reductions in carbon emissions will be necessary before 2030 if the world’s governments are to follow through on their commitment to hold global warming to ‘well below’ 2ºC. This will mean leaving the vast majority of proven reserves of fossil fuels in the ground unburnt. Yet despite this, the oil and gas industries are forecast to spend $4.9 trillion over the next decade on new oil and gas fields – none of which is compatible with limiting warming to 1.5°C. No surprise that these same companies spend vast sums each year blocking action on climate change. That’s why over 1,240 institutions around the world – collectively managing over $14 trillion – have already made some form of divestment commitment, including several UK pension funds. The strong political signal sent by these commitments can help to create the political space necessary for the world’s governments to take the actions needed to address the climate crisis.

With the window of opportunity to prevent catastrophic climate change rapidly shrinking there’s never been a more important time to tell ESCC to ditch its investments in fossil fuels.


1. Register NOW to take part in the Zoom ‘chicken-in’ at 11am on Saturday 22 August: https://tinyurl.com/chickenprotest. If you’ve never taken part in a Zoom meeting before then please read these instructions (you should be sent a Zoom link after you register).

2. Put the time and date in your diary and help spread the word to your friends and contacts. You can download and print out a window poster below, the event exists on Facebook here and we’ll be tweeting about it regularly in the run-up to 22 August here.

3. Print off and assemble one of the chicken masks below. And/or a puppet. If you don’t have access to a printer then please email divesteastsussex@gmail.com with your postal address and we’ll try and get one to you.

4. Join the meeting at 11am on Saturday 22 August. The ‘chicken-in’ will last approx. 30 – 40 mins.


Click on the image to download a printable PDF file.

Puppet on a stick. Cut out, stick two sides back to back with a stick in between
Chicken mask. Cut out, attach to stick
A poster for your window
Zoom background.
Download the Images to your computer, iPad or phone. When you are in a Zoom meeting search for the button that says “virtual background” and upload one of these images to be your background. The button may be under the “more…“ tab or elsewhere (all screen are different).

A big thanks to Emily Johns and Erica Smith for their art- and graphic-design work featured below!



Virtual backgrounds


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