Join the tug of war between fossil fuels and climate action outside County Hall on 6 December

Despite declaring a ‘climate emergency’ over 3 years ago, East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is still investing local* people’s pensions in the giant oil companies – like Shell and BP – that are driving the climate crisis.

And ESCC’s leader Keith Glazier has refused to back calls for a proper windfall tax on the vast profits that these companies are making out of the cost-of-living crisis.

Join us outside County Hall on Tuesday 6 December (the date of ESCC’s next big meeting) for a tug of war between fossil fuels and climate action, to demand that ESCC publicly:

> makes a commitment to fully divest from fossil fuels;
> opposes the Government’s dash for gas in the North Sea; and
> supports a proper windfall tax on Big Oil’s massive profits (the current windfall tax contains massive loopholes meaning that these companies will still only be paying a fraction or what they should be)

Meet 9am, Tuesday 9 December outside Lewes train station.

Organised by Divest East Sussex, Lewes Climate Hub, XR Lewes, XR Hastings & St Leonards, XR Eastbourne

Please help spread the word:

– Please email us if you can help distribute fliers or window posters in your local area:
– Share this Facebook post.
– Share this tweet.

* ESCC runs the local government pension scheme covering Brighton & Hove as well as East Sussex


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